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Unique culinary experience


in the beautiful mountain of Aracena

Ibérico ham has gained well-deserved international recognition as the caviar of hams. Experience why first-hand visiting its homeland, the beautiful Aracena Natural Park, just over an hour’s drive from Seville.


Discover the magnificent Dehesa, the endless forest of evergreen oaks where Ibérico pigs roam free. Share time with an artisan Ibérico ham producer and with a family devoted to its Ibérico pig farm. Savor the world’s most delicious ham right where it comes from, and enjoy a very special home-made traditional lunch.


Our local expert will be guiding your way, ensuring that you enjoy it all at your own pace with your family or friends.

Join us for a unique experience and update you  on this healthy product.

best Spanish ham

Enjoy the true flavour of the Spanish ham

Autumn the best time of year

Enjoy a typical andalusian house



Taste delicious Ibérico ham and learn how it’s cured visiting an artisan producer

Spot Ibérico pigs roaming free on a stroll through the beautiful Dehesa landscape

Savor the local specialties in a home-made lunch at a family-run Ibérico farm

A private tour available for small groups, starting from 2 persons

Discover the simple way to visit a pig  farm from Seville,  in a small village with 600 inhabitants and only 1 hour drive  from from Seville.

Understand the different between  normal ham and the unique and extrodenary tasty Spanish oak nut eating ham.

Find out why the climate in the Aracena mountain har the perfect conditions for the  ham production.




  • Meet your local  driver in Seville.  ( tour with local guide from Seville is optional)
  • Enjoy a private visit to family-run Ibérico farm. Feel the peace and magic of these lands taking a stroll to witness Ibérico pigs roaming free in their natural habitat, the beautiful Dehesa
  • We continue the visit learning about the natural curing process of this extraordinary product, which can take well over two years and is carried out with the help of the unique climate of the area – you’ll be tasting the house Ibérico ham and charcuterie.
  • Local lunch in Aracena with wine



A not-to-be-missed experience for any foodie!


This excursion normally commences in Seville around 9h, returning by 18h aprox – specific timing is adapted to each group.

pig farm visit aracena

Interesting for Student groups

Perfect as corporate activity

Ideal as a part of a  group round tour in Andalucia



From Aracena a wonderful  walk in beautiful nature and landscape, in combination with the gastronomic visit to the ham producing farm. We arrange it for you.

A short 2 hours easy walk  to the pig farm visit is something you never will forget.


Ask us for options and availability.



2-3 People

4-5 People

More than 6 people

254 € Per person

160 € Per person

120 € Per person


  • Chauffeured transportation as per the itinerary
  • Private visit to an artisan Ibérico ham producer, including Ibérico ham tasting with wine
  • Lunch in local restaurant in Arancen  with local products and wine
  • All local taxes

Ask for special rates for bigger groups

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