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Are you looking for a venue location for your next wedding or event? We are your right choice!


DMC Seville Event  –  is  your specialist venue finding support who can be of assistance with our venue finding service for your next event or wedding.
We offer a selection of more than 100 exclusive locations in the Andalusian provinces of Cadiz, Cordoba, Huelva, Malaga and Seville.
We design tailor-made programs, using our own knowhow of Haciendas, Cortijos, Private Palaceses, fincas, and unforgettable venues such as Bull Rings, Neighborhood Patios as well as Historical Buildings.
Have a look at some examples of different venue types that give you unique possibilities to celebrate an unforgettable event or wedding in Seville or its surroundings.




A hotel is always a good option to host your event. They have experienced staff and always strive for the best hospitality. Seville has a wide selection of hotels for anyone’s taste. Hotel Alfonso XIII is among the most beautiful in Seville. In preperation of Seville’s World Expo in 1929, King Alfonso XIII comissioned the build of this hotel with the aspiration of it being Europe´s finest hotel.

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Seville has a rich, regal history. No better testament to this than the many palaces located throughout the city. These palaces were once (or are still) owned by royals or other wealthy families in Seville. Luckily, nowadays most have been restored and opened to the public, which means weddings and events can also be held in these stunning locations. You will feel like royalty in the extravagant dining rooms of Casa Salinas and Casa Guardiola.

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Hacienda is a term that has its origins in Andalusia. By definition it is villa with a large piece of land, often used for other purposes besides just living. At Andalusian haciendas this often included raising livestock or producing wine, grain and oils. The haciendas showcase Andalusian culture perfectly. Nowadays they make for a perfect setting for weddings or any other event. Indoors and outdoors, there is plenty of space to accommodate to all of your wants and needs.



With such a sunny climate, it is only natural that Seville is absolutely packed with rooftop bars. Offering any shape, size and view you can think of, a rooftop is the best way to elevate your next event. Many rooftops offer possibility for live music as well. Combine this with cocktails and cathedral views and you’ve got some ingredients for a succesful and fun event.



Similiar to the rooftop bars, Seville’s terraces also enjoy sunny days over 300 times a year. There are a couple of great terraces near the Guadalquivir river where you can enjoy the sun on your face, live music and a wide selection of drinks and bites. Terraces are perfectly suited for a reception.

Here are some more examples of possible venues in or around Seville. Whether you are looking for something big and fancy or something small and cozy, Seville has it all.

Tell us about your event or wedding ideas and we will provide you with a selection of locations at an optimum cost.
Our expert staff has unique knowledge about the hotels and venues offered in Seville and its surroundings and will help you find the most suitable places for your next wedding or event.
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